About Us

SeeLeaf, Inc. was formed in 2010 with the goal of developing a simple, foolproof method to identify poison ivy plants. The company was co-founded by Dr. Robert Feeney, PhD in chemistry from Indiana University, and Dr. Larry Brown, ScD in biochemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We discovered that our SeeLeaf product could positively identify the urushiol toxic chemical responsible for the classic poison ivy rash. We also demonstrated that the SeeLeaf detection wipe would identify Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. Our first public disclosure of SeeLeaf was presented at the annual 2014 Philadelphia Poison Ivy Conference. SeeLeaf proved its remarkable utility at the Poison Ivy conference. We then began online sales of SeeLeaf detection wipes at www.seeleaf.com


About SeeLeaf Detection Wipes

SeeLeaf, Inc. has developed a simple, one-step poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac detection method.  The SeeLeaf detection wipes immediately turn purple upon contact with the rash causing poison in these plants. SeeLeaf detection wipes may also immediately tell you whether your tools have come in contact with these poison plants.

The SeeLeaf technology is simple, reliable, and instantaneous. SeeLeaf detection wipes alert the user before serious exposure to the urushiol antigen found in poison ivy/oak/sumac becomes dangerous. SeeLeaf detection wipes use a subset of industrial dyes that have been permanently incorporated into the fabric.

We have tested this technology in over 20 different plants and only those containing urushiol resulted in a color change. An individual who comes in contact with poison ivy/oak/sumac will be alerted and can significantly reduce the possibility of contact rhus dermatitis.

SeeLeaf detection wipes enable homeowners, hikers, gardeners to easily identify poison ivy/oak/sumac leaves and vines!